Thursday, June 28, 2007

Journeys of the Carolyn Ann: Phase three to the launch

Phase three is the finishing shed and over highway travel to the launch site at Reynolds Park in Green Cove Springs.

Bench settee with back raised to make two bunk beds (strb side saloon)

Dining settee ready for table (port side)

Electronics going in at helm station

View of galley to stern

 Guest room has convertible table that folds up to allow bench to pull out and make double bed.

Little splendide combo washer/dryer is vented to outside to facilitate dry cycle. Very convenient for in between marina stops for the towels, light clothing.

Vanity and medicine cabinets. Notice the nice shelf which folds up over the head. 

Windlass with twin all chain rodes 300' each 

Cable tv and 240/50amp shore connection inbetween deck boxes. 

KVH tuner, WeatherX XM receiver, and other electronics at helm. 

LCD HDTV folds down over passage way steps

Running gear ready to roll. Props and rudders are completely protected and rudders are a huge whale tail design. The boat will run on one engine at hull speed with only 5 degree rudder correction

Carolyn Ann getting ready to ROLL.

Folding radar arch attached with KVH M-3 DX, Glomex tv antenna, gps  The flybridge getting ready for trip

Carolyn Ann on a roll leaving the finishing shed

On the road!

At Reynolds Park in the travel lift

Getting dipped

She's wet!

Flybridge is lowered into place to be installed.

Now the flybrdge railings

Moved to the pier

Click the link below to view a slide show with comments of phase three of the building process.

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