Wednesday, June 28, 2006

In the Beginning

Journeys of the Carolyn Ann: Carolyn Ann

This journey started with a mold in Gainesville, Florida at the Mirage Manufacturing Inc. ( ) where the Great Harbour Trawlers are built. Our boat is the N-37 model, hull number 49.

deck mold prepped and ready

stringers finished

all glass fuel (in center), fresh water and blackwater tanks are integrated into the hull between the stringers

Bulkheads are set in place and glassed into the hull ,  the hull is ready to be removed (popped) from the mold.  

Out of the mold and ready for the forward subsole to be implaced. A separate mold was created for the sub floor to assist with cabinets and interior wall installs

sub-sole going in

Note the running gear is completely protected. The boat will sit upright if grounded with rudders or wheels in contact. This twin engine arrangement and displacement hull configuration permits a shallow draft with true with engine/running gear redundancy.

shafts and rudders in place
engines in and aligned

saloon /pilot house standing by for placing after deck attached 

 Click on the link below to view a slide show of pictures the first phase of the building process.

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