Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cobb Island to Annapolis (July 16 - August 13)

From Cobb Island we continued up the Potomac with great anticipation. The Hutch-ica celebration was about to begin! We stopped off at Tantallon Marina in Ft. Washington for a week before continuing to the main event. While there we were able to visit with some of Joe's family and also some good friends.
One night we all got together for a pizza and Neal cooked up, shrimp!
On Friday the 23rd it was time to move up to National Harbor for the real festivities. Joe's sister Teresa, her husband Neal (from Little Abaco) and son Steven decided to ride up with us along with our sister-in-law Beverly and her daughter Savannah.
Joe took us on a little tour south to Mount Vernon and then north into DC before docking at National Harbor. We were met there by our son John and his wife Meredith who had arrived that morning. The official festivities started that evening with a wedding eve dinner hosted by Carol Hutchinson at Bond 45. The food was great and our table assignments forced the two families to become acquainted quickly. What a great start to the weekend!
The next day was the wedding ceremony at the St. Aloysius Church at Gonzaga College High School in DC followed by the reception at Oxon Hill Manor near National Harbor. Great food again and a chance to visit with lots of family. Joe is the oldest of seven and all but one of his siblings were able to attend, along with some cousins and most of the next generation, too. Both of our kids made the trip with spouse and fiance, so we got to do lots of visiting. And we got to see how the peanut (aka John Alexander) has grown! Sunday morning there was another get together for breakfast.
The wickedly hot weather had continued right through the wedding before finally breaking with a Sunday afternoon squall. The storm was exciting to watch as it moved down the river with winds near 50mph, but we later learned that it had also claimed a few lives.
Rick, father of the bride, had the Pica's that were still around over for dinner that evening. Way to much to ask of him, but we sure enjoyed the extra time with everyone.
Monday morning, totally exhausted, we headed south again to Cobb Island. This time Barbara and Don Thayer were home and welcomed us to their dock again. What was supposed to be a one night stay turned into five! Somehow we couldn't find the energy to leave on Tuesday and then some weather issues came up and then it was steak night at Scuttlebutt.
Who should wait on us but young Wilma's double!
The next morning Barbara and Don fixed us a great breakfast before we finally set out again.

We stopped back at Jim and Judi's again to pick up some mail that had arrived after we'd left. We joined them for their traditional Sunday breakfast at the Captain's Table and tour around Solomons before leaving early Monday morning to move to Zahniser's Marina in Solomons.

Jim the Yanmar expert performed our 2000 hour engine maintenance, along with taking care of some other items that cropped up during his examination - like fixing the broken engine mount on the starboard engine. Two days and nearly two boat units later, we moved to the B & J Marina (Bruce and Joan's house) in Annapolis.

We always enjoy our visits with Bruce and Joan and Joe and Bruce get to compare notes on all the little boat issues that have cropped up. Bruce and Joan left in Forever 39 for their summer "vacation" a few days after our arrival. The vacation was a trip to Zahniser's to see if they could spend more than we had to. That gave us the opportunity to move Carolyn Ann into prime dock space. The weather teased us with a cool down for a few days and got us into the long over due boat cleaning mood. Of course, by the time we really got into the washing and waxing, things started heating up again.

Bob Campbell (marine electric guru) came for a much anticipated visit to go over Carolyn Ann's electrical system. He didn't find any major problems, but did find a couple loose connections that may have caused our alternator issues. At least we hope that's all it was. He couldn't find anything else, but since the problem was intermittent... He also mentioned a few things that Joe could do now and when things need to be replaced in the future, so, for way under a boat buck ($1000), we felt the visit was very worthwhile. There are a few more pictures on the picasa site:

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